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Animal Preparation Research Center

Coordinating the work items of each subproject


Application of high-efficiency expression system to produce important antigens to develop new pig vaccines

Development of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, second porcine circovirus and swine fever vaccine using high-efficiency expression system for antigen production


Using anti-interferon gene strategy and small molecule drugs to regulate the transmission of cell lines for production to increase the viral antigen of animal vaccines

Overcoming the cell's interferon defense system and using small molecule drug regulation systems to significantly increase virus production, developing bovine respiratory syncytial virus and chicken infectious bursal disease virus vaccine


Key technologies and product development of animal biological adjuvants

Establishing an immunological synaptic screening system to develop a new adjuvant, and developing a biological compound adjuvant and a chicken infectious anemia virus vaccine in combination with a controlled release delivery system


Study on the Mechanism and Application of Aquatic Animal Immunomodulators

Development of aquatic animal nucleic acid adjuvants and immunomodulators including probiotics and avidin



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