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Animal preparations are mainly vaccines, but they also contain antiserum, diagnostic reagents and other biological products such as immunomodulators, probiotics and antibacterial proteins. Therefore, the team includes all the above-mentioned specialists. The main components of the vaccine are antigens and adjuvants. In order to integrate and coordinate the various technologies and school resources of the researchers, the Center will establish 14 platforms for the development of animal formula professionals in NPUST.



Principal Investigator


Main RCAB Ming-Tang Chiou
Application of high-level protein expression system for the
development of swine vaccines

Ming-Tang Chiou

Mei-Li Wu, Jue-Liang Hsu, Chen-Chih Chen, Ming Chu Cheng


Virus titer optimization for vaccine production by modulating interferon  cell  signaling  pathways  using   small  molecules and gene modulation strategy

Chun Yen Chu

Guan Ming Ke, Kuo Pin CHuang


Product development and key technique of animal biologics adjuvant 

Hso-Chi Chaung

Yi-Yang Lien, Ko-Tung Chang


The study and application of immunomodulators on aquatic organisms

Philip T. Cheng

Chun-Hung Liu, Shao-Yang Hu, Shih-Chu Chen


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